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Fun Chefs is a hands on interactive mobile cooking school for kids of all ages!! Students learn essential cooking techniques along with lessons in nutrition, culinary math and geography. Cooking is a necessary life skill. Our classes allow students to be comfortable and confident in the kitchen while having fun and experiencing delicious recipes.


We offer cooking classes in a variety of settings for students of all ages. Our programs cover lessons in the culinary arts, nutrition, sanitation, math and geography.


Check out our delicious and exciting classes! Sign up online and you will be cooking in no time!


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About Us


Fun Chefs is founded by Stacey Stolman, an accomplished culinary educator, cookbook developer and food stylist with over 25 years of experience. Ms. Stolman graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and Boston University. Her food styling and recipe development clients have consisted of Kraft, Campbell's Soup Company, and Marriott as well being published in many cookbooks and magazines. Her passion for teaching has been evident throughout her career, while teaching students who are career seeking chefs as well as students who just love to cook.

Fun Chefs, LLC  is an exciting and interactive cooking school for kids of all ages. Fun Chefs was founded by Stacey Stolman and accomplished culinary educator, food stylist and cookbook developer. She graduated from the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park, NY.

What makes Fun Chefs different is that we are a mobile cooking program that travels to our students, whether it is at a school, community center, private home or venue of a client’s choosing. We come fully equipped and stocked will all the provisions to provide a fun, delicious and inspiring cooking class.